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Life's a Snip in Shobie's Garden
I had a three big surprises when I ventured into top hairdressers Shobie Lee's pleasant Kentish garden. SURPRISE NUMBER ONE: among the flower beds and rolling lawn, a brand new, state of the art salon had suddenly blossomed.
SURPRISE NUMBER TWO: I went into the stylishly-equiped salon sporting my usual shaggy, wind swept locks, and came out shortly afterwards with a carefully fashioned trim, created by Shobie. Suddenly, it felt more like Mayfair than Knockholt.
SURPRISE NUMBER 3: came when my balding, middle aged friend emerged, after a preparatory visit or two, sporting a full head of hair and looking twenty years younger. He couldn't stop beaming at the miracle Shobie had expertly created.
Shobie, who is still busy doing her usual women's fashionable hairdressing and an expert colourist, is also specialising in realistic looking hairpieces and wigs. She is brilliant at giving a service, including expert advice to clients who lose their hair due to medical reasons.
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