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Originally from Cheltenham my passions are Horseriding, The Cotswolds, Eating Out, Red Wine and spending time with Friends & Family. Now living in Bristol.

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Indecision may or may not be my problem!!!

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I've been mainly in the Peterborough area for many years, so I am happy to give my opinion :) Hopefully my reviews will help businesses improve upon their services if needed, and help people decide where to visit.

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UPDATE - Predictions coming true!

I first saw Kalyani over a year ago. She told me I had a choice between two men and I would fall in love with both. I really couldn’t see this would happen as I was so in love with just one. It has been such a long a difficult emotional ride for me. Last month I recently got in touch with a male friend of mine...

Gatekeeper Estate & Letting Agent

Constantly Deliver

A very friendly and polite service as always

Via Removals & Storage

Great Team

Great team who worked well together to safely transport my lovely mums piano to my house. They took their time to ensure it was protected and not damaged in the move. Thank you


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