Why are reviews important?

Many people use online reviews as a valuable resource when choosing between products and services. By describing your experience in an honest, authentic review, you’re giving other people insights into the business you’ve used.

Speaking about your experience – reviews generally touch on service quality, customer service, and value for money – not only helps other customers make informed decisions but provides useful feedback for businesses that can result in improvements moving forward.

Whether you’re leaving a positive or negative review, you’re helping customers and businesses with your honest assessment. On Yell, you can leave reviews for plumbers, accountants, and driving instructors (plus, just about anything else) while also benefitting from other customer reviews.

How do I write a helpful review?

Writing a helpful review on Yell starts with sharing your genuine, first-hand experience. It's important to only talk about your personal dealings with businesses and not relay stories from friends or others. This makes sure that your review is authentic and reliable.

Accuracy is key when reviewing. Provide clear facts and honest opinions about your experience, making sure your comments are well-supported and accurate. Talking about service quality, communication style, and customer service standards helps other customers understand what to expect.

Constructive feedback is also helpful. Speaking about a bad experience gives the business a chance to make amends. As long as you tell the truth and your review is accurate, you can share your feedback – and that goes for both positive and negative reviews.

Lastly, respect everyone's privacy by avoiding using names or personal information about staff or customers. Make sure you always follow Yell’s Conditions of Use. That way, you can express your honest opinion, whether you’re reviewing a plumber, driving instructor, or any other professional.

You can learn more about how to write helpful reviews on Yell by reading Yell’s Reviews Policy. For more FAQs about reviews, click here.