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Breech baby turn a success
I was advised during a routine ultrasound that my baby at 34 weeks had turned to breech. I had been given advise on what to do. A good friend pointed me in the direction of moxibustion. I've never had acupuncture before but figured this was worth a go if it prevented a manual turn or a possible c section. Moime is a lovely lady who put me at ease and gave me a thorough consultation. She explained everything I needed I know about the treatment, which was lying still for 15 mins whilst having some acupuncture and some heated moxi sticks on my little toes. (this is a very basic explanation). I felt relaxed afterwards and was given a stick to take home to continue the heat smoke for a few days. She advised me baby might move around Alot over the next few days which is what happened. And amazingly, within 3days, my scan at the hospital showed baby had turned. Worth every penny for me. Should I need further acupuncture help in the future, this lady is top of my list.. Thankyou.
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