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Sparkle & Shine
Inverkeithing | Domestic Cleaning
Very reliable cleaning
I live in a tenement flat and recently wanted the stairs and communal areas cleaned, as they were getting rather dirty. I contacted various cleaning companies, but Sparkle & Shine were the first ones to provide an estimate for the work. Their estimate was very reasonable and they were available to carry out the work at short notice.
They turned up as arranged and did an excellent job in cleaning the stairs and communal areas. I would have no hesitation in booking them again for such work. I would also be happy to book them for cleaning in my flat.
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Glasgow | Soundproofing
Exactly as Promised
When I started looking around for sound-proofing I received a wide range of quotes from different firms. Also, there were various technical solutions on offer - some more effective than others.

In short, don't just automatically choose the cheapest provider or the simplest solution - yes, you'll save money but your sound problems might end up little better than before!

I ended up going to, who travelled through from Glasgow. The proprietor, Rodger, is a very capable and helpful guy.

A few months ago I got them to install an acoustic floating floor in my main room. They did a good job, so this month I got them back to fit a similar solution in a bedroom. For this room I also got them to install acoustic insulation in the separating wall between flats.

In both jobs they delivered exactly as promised in the agreed timescale, without making a mess. And, most importantly, both rooms are now significantly quieter.
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