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Delaware Veterinary Group
Castle Cary | Vets
Lovely reception staff, uncaring vet
I have two rescue dogs. I took one in the other day regarding a paw infection. The vet dragged my unwilling and petrified dog onto the scales to be weighed and kept telling him off. Then in the consulting room while looking at his clearly painful paws she kept calling him pathetic and stupid! She then told me I need to be boss and that I'm not doing my job properly as I should bathe his paws after every walk. She then muzzled my distressed dog and was very rough and impatient in her examination. She said she would need to sedate him and I said I'd need to pretend to be going with him as the nurse took him off. She snapped at me that he'd be alright and to stop babying him. I know my dogs and yes they do have issues but this vet needs to learn how to handle rescued dogs like this. Even the veterinary nurse said to the vet "but it's probably hurting him". Now I don't look forward to taking him back there. We usually have a good service there but this was awful. So uncaring.
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W.J Trotman (Builders) Ltd
Shepton Mallet | Builders
Excellent and caring
We recently used the newly staffed Trotmans. Kevin was wonderful, kind caring and compassionate. They have moved on from the aforementioned review so do not be swayed by this. Their after care was exemplary.
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