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Finding a reliable plumber can be tough. You have to consider experience, cost, and countless local options before hiring a plumber – and that’s why you need Yell. With our guidance, you can compare plumber profiles, read reviews, and connect with businesses directly to arrange the work.

If you're ready to arrange the work, you have two choices. Either browse the plumbers near you or post an enquiry for fast responses from businesses. Whichever method you choose, it’s free!

What plumbing service do I need?

1. New installations

When upgrading your property, always hire an expert plumber to install bathroom fittings, dishwashers and washing machines, and central heating systems. Use a plumber for anything you need to channel water around your property, and avoid future headaches.

2. Plumbing repairs

Plumbers fix faulty plumbing systems to get your home back up and running. Common requests include clogged drains, dripping taps, and weak water pressure – but that’s just a sample of the many issues you might face. Enquiries on Yell get you a tailored solution to your current problem.

3. Emergency plumber

Plumbing emergencies must be dealt with immediately. For situations like burst pipes and sewage backups, you’ll need an emergency plumber right away. This 24-hour service comes at a premium, but it’s worth the added expense to avoid severe property damage and further upheaval.

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My blocked kitchen sink has flooded my kitchen. I've tried drain unblocker and a plunger but they haven't worked – need this sorted tonight if possible.

Enquiry from Jane, Sheffield

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What are the most common plumbing jobs?


Blocked drains and pipes

Blocked drains and pipes have many causes, including hair, grease, baby wipes, and food debris.

You’ll know you have a blockage when water drains slowly, you hear odd sounds, or something smells off.

For minor blockages, plungers and drain snakes can work. For more severe or stubborn clogs, you’ll need a plumber.


Leaking pipes and taps

Leaky pipes and taps waste both water and money – even a small leak can waste thousands of gallons of water per year.

Leaks can also cause more serious damage to your property – structural elements could be at risk – if you’re not careful.

If you suspect or discover a leak, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible.


Low water pressure

When your property has low water pressure, it can make the simplest everyday tasks difficult.

Limited water pressure will affect washing dishes, cooking, and even showering.

This issue has many possible causes, so you’ll almost certainly need a plumber to investigate.


Lack of hot water

Failing water heaters, leaking water tanks, and boiler issues could be behind a lack of hot water in your property.

Heating engineers and plumbers can help with the diagnosis and repair of these systems.

Just make sure they’re Gas Safe registered and qualified to work on hot water systems before you book a professional.


Fitting bathroom fixtures

Whether you’re renovating your whole bathroom or replacing a faulty toilet, you’ll need a professional to fit your fixtures.

General plumbers will carefully install baths, sinks, showers, and toilets to create a complete bathroom suite.

By configuring the water pressure and temperature, they’ll give you a bathroom that looks great and functions well.


Emergency repairs

Burst pipes, sewage backups, and lacking water access are all plumbing emergencies.

Since these issues could badly affect your day-to-day life – or damage your property – they must be resolved quickly.

A 24-hour plumber can do exactly that, so it’s worth saving their details ahead of time, before an emergency strikes.

How to find the best plumbers near me

If you’re struggling to choose a plumber, these are the most important factors to bear in mind.


The cost of plumbing work can vary depending on many factors, including the difficulty of the work, the cost of parts, and your location. To make sure you’re getting a good price, compare quotes from several plumbers before hiring anyone.


You should check if your plumber is on the Gas Safe or WaterSafe register before hiring them. This will prove that they’re qualified and capable of carrying out plumbing work in your property. If they’re not listed, that could be a bad sign.


Always ask plumbers about their experience. How long have they been in business? What are their qualifications? Some services focus on repairs, while others might only fit new installations. You need an expert with a proven track record for your type of request.


Customer reviews and testimonials can help you feel sure that you’re hiring a reliable service provider. Read recent customer reviews to learn whether plumbers are competent, provide good customer service, and offer competitive pricing.

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Prevention is always better than the cure of calling out a plumber… Unblocking a pipe caused by pouring fat, grease or oil down the sink will cost between £80-120 dependent on how easy it is to access the pipe and whether any further damage has been caused.

Philip Hill, Owner of Servo-Rod Drainage Specialists

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