Groundwork Contractors

31 January 2024 – 7 Minute Read

Whether you’re taking on a landscaping project or need to lay the foundation for your brand-new extension - working with a reliable Groundworker is a must.

A good groundworker will be able to thoroughly investigate your project site, and make useful recommendations based on the soil type, location, and any site history. They’ll also be able to correctly install pipe systems and build foundations - making sure that your project has the strongest base possible.

In some cases, working with a groundworker is a legal requirement - and making sure that your foundations are correctly laid the first time can save you a lot of cash later. This leads to the most important question - how much do groundworks cost?

If you’re searching for reliable but affordable Groundworkers to help with your next construction project - this handy guide is here to help. With information on the prices of different jobs, and tips on finding the right service for you - you’ll have everything you need to know!

Groundwork Cost Guide

As every groundwork project is unique, you will often be charged per square meter, instead of per hour or per day. This means that the larger your building site, the higher your final cost will be. 

Your groundworker will need to visit your location before they make a quote, to make sure that they’ve factored in every aspect of the site. Things like trees, soil quality, and nearby basements can all affect the total cost of the work - so it’s best to let your groundworker know as much information as possible, to get the most accurate quote.

It’s also important to allow some room in your budget, in case poor weather conditions, or unexpected issues affect your groundwork project. In general, setting aside 10% of your project fee should be enough to cover any extra costs.

Standard Groundwork Rates

If you’re trying to make sense of your project costs, here are some of the ways your groundworker may charge for their work, and the main factors that can affect your overall fee:

Daily Groundwork Costs

Most groundworkers will work out their fee based on the size of the project. However, some might offer daily rates, especially if they’re working on a long or complicated project. The average daily rate for groundworkers is £175 per day in the UK.

Keep in mind that daily rates may not always include materials costs, so you should discuss this with your groundworker beforehand. 

What is the cost of groundworks per square meter?

In general, when you take on a groundworks project, your contractor will charge you per square meter. 

For new foundations, the average cost per square meter will be £125. If you require deeper foundations, you may need to pay up to £150 per square meter.

For landscaping services, you can expect to pay an average of £110 per square meter for paving, or £31 per square meter for turf.

Does my location affect groundwork costs?

Yes, your location will affect the cost of your groundwork project.

In general, if you’re based in the South of the UK, or within the London area, you will have to pay more for construction projects. It’s also worth considering how easy it is to get to your project site, because working in a hard to access place can require more time and money.

Not only this, but the soil type in your area can also impact your project cost. If you live in an area with loam-based soil, you’re in luck! Loam is the best soil for building foundations in and means your site will require less preparation. 

However, if your soil includes a lot of clay or peat, it can damage your freshly laid foundations, so your site will require more costly preparations.

Materials Costs

For foundation laying, you can usually expect the materials cost to be included in the rate per square meter.

However, if your project requires specific machinery or extra landscaping items to repair damage, you may have to cover these fees. For example, hiring a digger for a week will cost £140 per day to hire, including transportation costs.