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How much do bricklayers charge?

There are many reasons why you might be considering hiring a bricklayer. Perhaps you are looking for a garden wall to be built, or you are planning an extension for your home. Whatever brickwork job you are considering, hiring a professional bricklayer is crucial. Bricklaying is a difficult skill to master and attempting to do it yourself could leave you with a wall that is not fit for purpose.

A professional bricklayer will have the experience and training to complete all types of walls to a high standard and within a reasonable time frame. If you are wondering how much bricklayers charge, there are a few aspects that you need to consider. The type of wall you need, the bricks you prefer, and the size of the project will all have an impact on the average bricklaying cost.

In this guide, we are going to be sharing the bricklayer cost per day, the bricklayer cost per m2, as well as the additional costs that could be incurred with bricklaying.

Bricklayer charges guide

Bricklayers can help with a huge range of tasks around a property. You could hire a bricklayer for laying foundations, building bespoke fireplaces, constructing a garden wall and much more. Each of these jobs will have a different bricklaying cost in the UK. Depending on the company, bricklaying might be quoted as a day rate, per brick or per square metre. Here we are looking at average bricklaying costs in the UK.

What does a bricklayer cost per day?

The average cost of a bricklayer per day is £150 . Most bricklayers will work in groups of 2 or 3, or with a labourer to help with moving materials and mixing cement. Labourers will typically cost £100 per day, so for 2 bricklayers and 1 labourer you are looking at a price of roughly £400 per day. This will vary depending on the job in question, as some bricklaying jobs might be more complex than others, and therefore priced higher.

How much do bricklayers charge per brick?

Some bricklayers might give you a cost per brick or per 1,000 bricks. The answer to how much bricklayers charge per brick is usually around £400 per thousand bricks. This price can depend on the type of bricks you have chosen and the job you need completing. Building a garden wall is going to be easier than building a chimney, so the cost per brick might be less for a simple job. One thing to be aware of with paying per brick is that some unscrupulous bricklayers could not return to your job once the majority of the easy part is complete. Gable ends and chimneys can be fiddly and time consuming, and paying per brick it can sometimes make it not worthwhile for the tradesmen.

What is the bricklayer cost per m2?

For building walls, you might be given a bricklayer cost per m2. You can expect to pay anything from £70 per m2 for a garden wall, and this will depend on the type of brick used and other materials. Machine made bricks are cheaper than handmade or reclaimed brick, and this will be factored into the bricklayer cost per m2. Other materials that impact bricklayer charges are sand, cement, capping stones and plasticiser. Some bricklayers may quote for materials separately to labour, while others will add these costs into their UK bricklayer costs.

Will my location change the cost of a bricklayer per day?

Location plays a big role in the average bricklayer cost. Bricklayers in London and the south-east of England will usually charge more than elsewhere in the country because of higher overhead costs. When asking how much do bricklayers charge, make sure you are getting prices from local contractors who can provide an accurate price for your area.

Bricklayer charges by job type

Bricklayer charges will vary by job type. This is because some bricklaying jobs will be easier to complete than others, and some may require additional work such as pointing or repairs. Below is the average bricklaying cost for various jobs that bricklayers might undertake.

Average bricklaying cost for a garden wall

For a small garden wall of 5m x 1.2m you can expect to pay upwards of £530. This cost will change depending on how many skins of brick you want for your wall, and the type of brick being used. For a larger wall of 10m x 2m with 2 skins of brick, prices will start from £1,400. These are the average bricklaying cost using machine made bricks, handmade bricks will typically cost an extra £150 for a small garden wall. Most bricklayers will quote for garden walls either as a lump sum or per square metre. These bricklaying charges will include the cost of the bricklayers and labourers needed to complete the job.

Average bricklaying cost for blockwork

Bricklayers will also offer blockwork which will incur a different cost. This could be using either cement or concrete blocks and is often used for building retaining walls or partitions. When asking how much bricklayers charge per block, you can expect to pay roughly £12 per metre. This will include the cost of the blocks and the labour for laying them.

Cost for pointing and repairs

Bricklayers can also help with repointing and repairing damaged walls. Repointing is when the old mortar is routed out from between the bricks, and new mortar is put in. If you have an old wall that has started to show damage, repointing can give it a new lease of life. Repointing costs around £20 per square metre, and while it can be done on just a small, damaged area of the wall, typically an entire wall will need to be repointed. If you need to have your home repointed then bricklayer charges might also include the cost of scaffolding.

Average bricklaying cost by wall size

Size of wall Skins of brick Average bricklaying cost Timescale
5m x 1.2m 1 £450 2 days
5m x 1.2m 2 £670 3 days
10m x 1.2m 1 £670 3 days
10m x 1.2m 2 £900 4 days
5m x 2m 2 £750 4 days
10m x 2m 2 £1,100 5 days

3 tips for finding the right bricklayer

It is vital that you choose a bricklayer who you can trust for your project. Whether you just need a new garden wall, or you need a bricklayer for an entire self-build project, choosing a reliable tradesman is crucial for success. Here are our 3 tips for finding the right bricklayer:

Recommendations and reviews

As with any trade, recommendations and reviews are valuable in finding the right bricklayer. Asking for recommendations from friends and family in your local area can be a great way to find someone who they have worked with in the past. Online reviews can give you some insights into how companies work and whether previous clients were satisfied.

Look at previous work

Before hiring a bricklayer, or even asking how much bricklayers charge, you should look at examples of their previous work. This can give you a good idea of their experience and quality.

Set your expectations

Discuss your expectations with bricklayers before making a final decision. Let them know how long you expect the job to take and agree timescales and complete costs in advance. This can prevent them from taking longer or charging more than you anticipated, and any bricklayers not willing to commit to these terms should be seen as a red flag.

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