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Are you having trouble booking driving lessons? If you’re feeling unsure about whether to choose manual or automatic driving lessons or stuck picking between several driving instructors, Yell is here to help.

Here, you can easily view profiles, browse reviews, and contact driving schools for more information. Start by comparing the best driving lessons near you or post an enquiry if you want to hear from businesses directly. Whichever method you prefer, it’s absolutely free.

How can I get a full UK driving licence?

1. Arrange driving lessons and practice

After getting a provisional driving licence, enrol in driving lessons and practice with experienced drivers to refine your driving skills and build your confidence. Some learners take regular lessons for extended periods, while others take intensive driving courses in shorter time frames.

2. Book and pass your theory test

Understanding the rules of the road is crucial for any competent driver – and the theory test assesses whether you have a strong grasp of those rules. You’ll have to pass your theory test before you can even book your practical test, which means devoting time to study and revision.

3. Book and pass your practical test

By now, you’ll have passed your theory test and put in hours of effort during your driving lessons and private practice. It’s time to book your practical test. After passing, you can start driving straight away – just make sure you set up a suitable insurance policy.

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I’m looking to start driving lessons ASAP and would like a patient and calming driving instructor who can give me confidence.

Enquiry from Jess, Wakefield

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What are the different types of driving lessons?


Manual driving lessons

Most people in the UK drive cars with manual transmission, though automatic cars are gaining popularity.

In these cars, you press down on the clutch and shift the gear stick to change gears as you accelerate and decelerate.

Most conventional driving lessons will focus on teaching you all aspects of driving a manual car.


Automatic driving lessons

More people than ever are choosing to learn how to drive automatic cars in the UK.

With automatics, there’s no clutch pedal and no need to switch between gears, which many people find easier.

Automatic driving lessons could help you pass more quickly, but you’ll only get an automatic driving licence.


Intensive driving courses

For those looking to earn their driving licence quickly, intensive driving lessons are the best option.

Packing months of learning into a matter of days, intensive driving courses could save you both time and money.

Intensive courses offer quick turnarounds, but finding driving lessons that suit your learning style is most important.


Refresher driving lessons

If you’ve not driven for a while, had a traffic accident, or lost your confidence, refresher driving lessons are for you.

Suitable for all experience levels, refresher driving lessons can help you feel comfortable behind the wheel again.

They’re also useful for keeping your driving skills sharp, even if you're confident on the road.


Advanced driving lessons

Already passed your practical driving test? There’s always more to learn.

Now you can refine your skills through advanced driving courses – and lower your insurance costs too!

Different courses focus on different aspects of driving, but we can help you find the right fit.


Lessons with a female driving instructor

In some cases, students prefer to learn with a female driving instructor.

This could be down to cultural or religious reasons, or just a matter of personal comfort.

Driving schools will try to accommodate these requests, while you can book with a female driving instructor directly, too.

How to find the best driving instructors near me

Struggling to choose a driving instructor? Here’s everything you need to make an informed decision.


Whether you’re joining a driving school or hiring an independent driving instructor, always compare costs. Prices will vary by the type of driving lesson, location, and the individual driving school. You can get discounts for block-booking lessons – but make sure they’re a good fit before committing.


All driving instructors must hold either a potential driving instructor (PDI) or an approved driving instructor (ADI) certificate from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Instructors usually display a badge on their windscreen, but you can also check them out on the DVSA website.


Always ask about a driving instructor’s experience. Different driving schools and instructors have varying approaches, and there’s no guarantee their lesson plans will fit your learning style. Ask about lesson frequency, student pass rates, and discuss practical arrangements before committing.


Reading reviews from previous students can give you an insight into the approach, reliability, and character of the driving instructors near you. Taking recommendations from your family and friends can be helpful, but unbiased reviews might be more useful than anecdotal evidence.

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I'm starting to drive again after nearly 10 years without driving at all. I need an experienced instructor to help me with some refresher driving lessons over the next few weeks. Please give me your availability during evenings and weekends.

Enquiry from Amit, Brighton

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