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Driving directions, walking directions and maps

Lack of preparation by not getting driving directions, walking directions and maps may be the reason that the average Briton spends 39 hours during their life getting lost*.'s enhanced geographical solutions help you get driving directions, walking directions, maps and aerial photos for your local area and throughout the UK.

Whether you're planning a business trip or holiday in the UK or you're staying in your local area, provides a comprehensive source of businesses and services e.g. hairdressers, restaurants, hotels and pubs in the UK. It also plots the businesses on a map and offers driving directions or walking directions from your starting point in the UK.'s map features allow you to plot multiple businesses on a map, interact with the map to show individual business locations, zoom, drag, pan and get driving directions or walking directions from your doorstep, as well as finding you the nearest car park. can even show you an aerial view of where you are going to help you navigate your way to the business of your choice without getting lost.

When location matters—try one or all of these mapping features

Multi Point Map
Location Map
Directions & routing information
Car parking

Multi Point Map—view multiple businesses in your chosen location

Whether you don't know the area you're in and need to find a pub near your hotel, or you're in your local area but want to see the locations of nearby businesses to help you decide between them, can help. On you can now plot the locations of up to 10 businesses on a map and also get driving or walking directions.

  • Click "Map view" on the results page and will plot the businesses on a map;
  • With our interactive maps, you can click on a business on the map and see the detailed Location Map for that business.

Multi Point Map

Location Map

To see a detailed road map for just one business, you can either click on the business on the Multi Point Map or click on "Map and more" below your chosen business on the search results page.

The Location Map has been enhanced, enabling you to get your bearings through:

  • Larger, clearer maps making it easier to locate your chosen business;
  • Draggable maps—use the mouse to click and drag in order to navigate around the map;
  • Intelligent detection of the most suitable default scale to display, depending on whether you are viewing an urban or rural area;
  • Aerial photography, so you can see where you are going—just click on the aerial photo view link next to the map;
  • The addition of diagonal panning;
  • Zooming in or out—expand the UK map to see the surrounding cities or zoom in to see street names;
  • Get directions to the business from home, work or wherever you are in the UK—just fill in the "Get directions" box directly below the map with a postcode or street name and town/city.

Directions and routing information

To save time and ensure you don't get lost, can plot your route to the business of your choice by giving you driving directions or walking directions and a map. Just provide your postcode or street name and town/city to get:

  • Step-by-step instructions;
  • Mileage;
  • Map showing your start and finish points;
  • If you are driving through London, can now also tell you at what point in your journey you may be entering or exiting the Congestion Charging Zone.

Please see our guidance on mapping and routing accuracy.