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Very Poor
Andrew fitted us with a new outdoor aerial and installed a tv in a bedroom. Very friendly upon first appointment, supplied a quote plus VAT albeit on the back of a scrap of paper, but seemed reasonable. Returned to do the job 3 days later. All seemed well. He rang a couple of days later, quite insistent that he must have left his drill at our house. We searched, because he asked us too, even though we were quite sure it was not in our possession. When I informed him, I was left feeling very uncomfortable, as he was adamant ours was the last place he had it and there was nowhere else it could be, and how much he was out of pocket etc. Anyway, 3 months on, the aerial fell off the roof. Granted, it was a windy evening, however many of our neighbours aerials sit a good deal prouder than ours and all but ours have withstood many strong winds over a much longer timeframe. Phone messages have not been returned, and now I find myself having to pay someone else to fix the problem. Ironically he says on his website that he often has to fix other people's poor work. Unfortunately he has gone very quiet when required to sort his own efforts. He also charges VAT despite dissolving 1010 aerials several years ago. I would not recommend his services.
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