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Ritz Music Studio
Richmond | Musical Instrument Shops
At last ! - a music shop in Richmond town centre.
This new shop is called Ritz Music (they've got another one in Putney) might be small but it's in a great location (bang opposite Waitrose in the town centre) and is packed with all kind of stuff ...particuarly all those essentials beginners need. There's a guitar repair workshop in the back and the staff are very helpful and welcoming - nice shop !
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This business is no longer on Yell
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Richmond Music Shop
This shop has CLOSED DOWN 2 years ago...
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Ritz Music
London | Musical Instrument Shops
The best little music shop in town !!
Thank god there are still small family-owned shops like this one in central Putney.......I think it's been there about 15 years now so its very much part of the local scenery. They've got lots of guitars, sheet music, accessories, brass & woodwind etc. There's also 2 on-site repair workshops and a great website full of useful advice, teachers lists etc etc.
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