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Haywards Cleaning Services
Torpoint | Window Cleaners
A bit late in writing this review, had Haywards clean our gutter-3 story high, in June absolutely fantastic.
We were extremely happy, brilliant service and very good price. We will certainty use their service again.
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Let down by tonkin
My son broke down, through Admiral, Tonkin recovery was sent to assist. Diagnosed a coil problem but told him it 'was fit to go' but get it to a garage. He had a 40 mile journey at 11pm across cornwall. Off he went only to arrive at his Bude garage to be told it is a head gasket problem ! Through admiral we paid for recovery,road side assistance and hire car, Tonkin did not offer recovery, perhaps it was something to do with taking over 2hours to find him and it being late or that he turned up without recovered facilities, or just could not be bothered. What ever the reason it could have been very serious if his car had stopped on a fast road late at night or worse caught fire. Patrol 22from Tonkin you should be ashamed of yourself. You work for Tonkin recovery, the clue is in the word, RECOVERY.
Now patrol 22says he offered at a price to repair the car, no he did not, if he had monies would have been forwarded immediately to cover costs, my son was on his phone 3times during Tonkins assist, one word comes to mind-LIER. Note to other poor people that break down in Cornwall ask if it is Tonkin that is being sent through your insurance, if so ask for another company, stay clear.
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