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Mirch Masala Restaurant
London | Indian Restaurants
My fav 'Indian' restaurant in the UK
'Indian' in inverted commas because it is really Pakistani and muslim food. The place is nothing fancy but isn't scruffy either. The food is awesome and tastes just the way you'd get it at home. They don't serve alcohol so you have to bring your own, but frankly you're better off without it because the food is great. Mirch used to be really cheap, but the prices have gone up a little recently so it isn't quite the bargain it used to be - maybe £6 for a main dish... but you'd still struggle to go much over a tenner a head after stuffing yourself. It's where I go when I'm hungry, need comfort food, am feeling lazy or have visitors.

Like with anywhere you have to know what to order though, so here's my recommendations...

For 1 person - Onion bhajias for starters, followed by a Karahi Lamb and a nan.
For 2 - just add their Mixed Grill (the best mixed grill I've ever eaten!) to the list.
For more - Try the Karahi fish, Karahi chicken, Karahi chilli chicken, Samosas... (I'll update this list after my next visit!)

Avoid the dal - not great; and the 'mango lassi'. For starters no one drinks the stuff in India or Pakistan, and Mirch really don't make it so well. If you really like mango lassi, try 'Roti' a couple doors down. You can take it away in 4-pint bottles :)

Follow it up by walking down to Anand Pan a little further up the road towards Tooting Bec and try their malai kulfi as dessert. It's on a stick so you can eat it on the run, and it's a great way to end the meal!
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