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Beauty by Design Clinic
Reading | Electrolysis & Laser Hair Removal
I dont normally write reviews on websites, but I felt this one was needed seeing the other two negative reviews! I had a course of treatments in this clinic and the only reason I came to Beauty By Design was because of an offer on Groupon. I unfortunatly couldnt make an appointment I made with them due to my child being ill, and when I spoke to the manager, she was so understanding and rebooked my appointment without grief. When I went in for my next appointment, there was another client in the clinic who was giving the therapist a real hard time becuase she was 20 minutes late for an appointment and the therapist couldn't treat her due to a busy diary. Coming from a simular background in the industry, I can totally relate to the girls!

Overall my experience at the clinic was brill! The decor, music and general atmospher is perfect. I have sent over a few of my girls and they have all said the same, and that they definatly would go back!
Well done to Beauty By Design for creating sucha beautiful place for us girls to come and relax in!
p.s... coffee is fantastic too!
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