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Old Orleans
Birmingham | American Restaurants
Good Creole Food
I absolutely adore the food at this place. It is all so nice you want everything on the menu!

Absolute favourites are the ribs and Jambalaya.

The portions are big so you better have a hearty appetite. The service is good but sometimes you have to wait a long time. It has a laid back feeling to the whole place and I would say just go with the flow.

They do some exotic dishes with different ingredients such as alligator (tasted like tough chicken) so if you fancy something different it is worth a punt.

Have been many times with large and small parties and it is a fantastic place to eat as long as you aren't in a hurry. If you are, best not to eat here.
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The Church Tavern
Birmingham | Pubs
Great Place for Kids
This pub is a great place to take kids as it has a wacky warehouse.

They have a varied menu with great 2 for 1 offers making it a cost effective way to have a family day out. The choice of food is varied and the kids menu has a lot of choice too.

The whole pub has recently been refurbished and this has given it a much brighter and cleaner look. You don't usuall have to booke but they do get very busy on a Sunday.

However, to their credit, even when it is busy the service is still good and the food is consistent.

Great choice for a reasonably priced meal with the kids.
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Reasonably priced food
I quite like the Square Peg for a lunchtime meal whilst out and about in town.

The central location makes it an ideal place to grab a bite to eat. The atmosphere is quite lively with an eclectic mix of people. As it is a Wetherspoons you know you are going to get a great priced meal and their drinks are quite well priced.

It was always quite a smoky place but since the smoking ban is a lot more pleasant.

They have a really long bar but many staff so it is easy to get served.

I have been many times and never witnessed any trouble, even on the local football teams match days.
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Nightingale Club
Birmingham | Night Clubs
Great Night Out
As a straight married woman I had never been to a gay nightclub and didn't know what to expect. There was a huge group of us, males and females, gays and straight and we had the best night.

The music was brilliant as there was something to suit everyone on different floors. You could dance on stage and strut your stuff and no one gave a toss what you did as long as you had fun. There was no pressure, no hassle and it was a great laugh.

It was fabulous to be around non-judgemental people who were all there for the same reason. I would definitely go back again.
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Athens Greek Restaurant
Birmingham | Greek Restaurants
Great Fun Night
I went here with a large group of ladies for my hen night and we had such a fun night.

I had never had Greek food before but the waiters were really good explaining what the dishes were like and we were all having a taste of each others.

When the entertainment started it was such fun. I am quite a shy person but as the hen I was dragged up to dance ON the tables. I am not a light person and it stood up to my weight no problem!

We then went outside and were smashing plates in the street, that was such a laugh and the traditional image of a greek restaurant.

All in all, a fabulous fun night and one I will never forget.
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Bella Italia - Birmingham
Birmingham | Italian Restaurants
Never Again
Unfortunately I had a horribe experience at this restaurant and will never eat there again.

The food was really greasy and bland. I had a seafood pasta that had no seafood in it and the staff were non-existant to the extent that it took almost 3 hours to get a 2 course meal.

I say 2 courses because the special 2 person dessert was out of stock. I was told they rarely had it so I pointed out that it was displayed all over the restuarant and they should perhaps remove it if it kept causing a problem.

This is the only restaurant that I have ever complained about and their Head Office gave us vouchers for the restaurant - No way would I go back again !
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Red Peppers
Birmingham | Mediterranean Restaurants
Lively restaurant
This is one of the nicest restaurants in Central Birmingham. You would think as it is in the Mailbox it would be expensive but I have always found it to be well priced.

The menu is always varied and the specials are generally a good choice. It is a very lively restaurant and it is very difficult to have a conversation there so I wouldn't recomend it for a quite romantic meal!

The service is very good even when you go with a massive crowd at Christmas. It is one of my favourites and sure to be for a long time.
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This business is no longer on Yell
Unknown | Unknown
Expensive but gorgeous
My husband and I visited this restaurant as we were so impressed with Michael Caines when we watched him on the Great British menu programme. Neither of us had dined at a Michelin stared restauraunt and decided to go to this one whilst spending a weekend in Exeter.

We had booked to go during the day and were offered a special lower price menu but opted to go A La Carte. Cost being an issue we had decide to have main course and dessert but whilst we were waiting they brought us an appetiser which was an espresso sized cup with pumpkin soup in it. We had never tried pumpkin before and it was just gorgeous. This has made us love squash and pumpkin ever since.

It is true to say that the portions are small, but very elegantly presented and you can taste the difference in the better quality food. EVERY mouthful was a mixture of tastes and was very well cooked. It was perfection on a plate and I would most certainly dine there again.
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ASK Italian
Sutton Coldfield | Italian Restaurants
Fantastic Modern Italian
This is by far and away one of my favourite restaurants.

The food is freshly prepared and you can see the chefs in the kitchen whilst you are dining.

There is always a selection of daily specials and the food tastes gorgeous. The seafood ravioli is my all time favourite and is so filling.

The house wine is quite well priced an tasty and the Tiramisu for desert is the best I have EVER tasted and I have tasted a lot!

If you like Italian food you really will not be disappointed.
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