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Pinocchio Ristorante
Newcastle Upon Tyne | Italian Restaurants
Pinocchio's has an absolutely charming decor and is conveniently located within walking distance of Central Station. The staff is friendly, if a bit slow and incoherent.

Unfortunately, that is pretty much the sum total of all of the good points of the restaurant. The service was slow (we went on a Saturday and when they sat us in the back of the restaurant they "joked" that they might forget us if we didn't shout) and the food was just...not very good.

I had the calzone and the dough was dreadfully salty. My dinner companion had the completely uninspired gnocchi. The dessert menu came to us with the warning that two of the six dishes weren't available. Everything else was ready-made icecream dishes. We decided to skip out without a sweet--which definitely indicates how little hope we had for a nice finish.

The murals were well worth the visit. But the food--as reasonably priced as it was--was not worth the cost. I would not go again.
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