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EMPLOYEES were pleasant and polite,8 end product looked ok on completion. Mayfair let us down multiple occasions - 3-4 week job ended up being 5-6 months - holding up other works and also costing us more due to this fact. Some of the discussed works changed by them after accepted quote & paid deposit. Original walls were wonky and unsightly, porch built too big - which WE realised (works corrected at no extra cost) - we still lost land as walls were built incorrectly. The mess left until end was extremely poor. Today's and tomorrow's rarely came - even in good or workable weather. Had to phone to find out if anyone was going to be on site most of the time. Rarely informed of non attendance. Once pay in full, the guarantee doesn't count for s***, as we reported last December that the porch door had dropped, leaving a gap at the top (10 minute job max). Contacted them again by email then phone Sept 2020 as porch door is coming away from the glass (still under 1 year warranty)
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Lone Valley Kennels
Fareham | Boarding Kennels
Excellent would definitely use again
Drop off and collection is quick and simple. Cleanest kennels I've seen. People who run kennels loved my dog and he loved them. Nice people. Very happy all round.

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