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Club & Bar Aquarium
London | Night Clubs & Bars
this place has a bit of everything
Aquarium does fancy dress night which are the best (such a laugh which is what you go out for)and so hard to find in london,has a great club atmosphere with a bit of some thing for everyone,you can also hire this place out for private partys and where else will you find a club with a pool.
very easy to get to (old street station on the northern line is right opersite)
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London Aquarium
London | Tourist Attractions
nice day out but get there early...
This can be a realy great morning out but get here early,
i say that as after around 11am the lines get crazy crazy crazy ,you will honestly be queing for around 2 hours or more just to get in.
The first time we went we left with out going in the ques were that long ...
The second we got there for 9.45 and were some of the first in and the kids loved it,
it wasnt badly price and you can easily get bogof tickets, and there was simply loads to see,
make sure you take your camera as you can get some great pics and theres pleny to do after if you wish as its right on the river and next to the london eye.
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Tower of London
London | Historic Buildings & Stately Homes
expensive but good
This is a great day out, something every londoner should do ,just so they remeber how historic london is, when you live here you just seem to pass it by as if its all for tourists.
Once inside (which is expensive) you get to see some lovely jewels which have great history attached,although you cant realy get up close to them.
you also get to see the towers and get told the full history of them .
My advice if going is to take it slow to take it all in ,check for any chap tickets ie bogof ect and be prepared for smallish waits.
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Unknown | Unknown
great views of london
Where else can you get views like this of the london skyline.
it realy is a delight, you live here for all these years and forget how wonderfull some parts of london are.
this is quite expensive and you might not want to do it more than once ,but everone should try it that once.
some good advice is to make sure you book in advance because if not you will spend a long time in lines waiting...
and dont forget this takes around 30 mins to go all the way around so sit back and enjoy and take in all that london has to offer (and take in the great views of the houses of parliment,the river,the wonderful brigdes and big ben)
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Leith's at London Zoo
London | Function Rooms & Banqueting
a great day out for all
This is a great family day out,
you cant beat the zoo for a family day out,
the zoo is set in regents park and you can even get the canal boats down from camden lock.
Everyone should visit the zoo regularly even if you dont belive in animals in captivity because these places just teach you so much.
there is so much to see and do ,from elephants to monkeys and insects to penguins.
what ever your fav you will find it here,
they also do pony rides in the main square for an extra charge.
i would recommend taking a picnic as it is overly expensivee for tiny portions once inside.
i would also recommend buying tickets online or looking around for a bogof offer as it can be quite costly for a ticket(you can also get an offer with an oyster card )
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London Kebab & Steak House
London | Turkish Restaurants
great kebabs
If you like kebabs you will like it here
Fresh tasty kebabs which are just what you need after a night out (although you heart might not agree)
reasonable prices with plenty for what you pay.
great customer service and fast service.
def one to visit after a night out or when you cant be bothered cooking.
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Rainforest Cafe
London | American Restaurants
american (but not as good)
Now if you have tried the rainforest cafes in america you will hate it, if not and you have kids you may like it.

unfortunatly we have tried the ones in america and this just doent compare,
yes the special effects are great,

they are crazy busy , cant acomidate any changes to the menu are madly expensive and have a very limited menu.

if you do decide to go please book in advance, and check out the menue so you are not dissapointed
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US Way Pizza
London | Pizza Delivery & Takeaway
takeaway pizza
This is one of the better pizza takeaways ,
(esp good after a night out),
we actually like this better than pizza hut.
Not cheap though but realy tasty.....
Always on time and always hot and tasty.
they do avarity of foods (enough to please most people)incuding chips which i happen to love with my pizza but find so hard to find.
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Vue Cinema
London | Cinemas
great local cinema
Just what the local area was crying out for a half decent cinema.
This place is clean ,not to busy,shows the latest films ect but boy is it expensive to visit the cinema these days.
Not just the price of the tickets but the crazy price of the goodies that go hand in hand with a cinema ticket.
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Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
London | Supermarkets
This is one of the only proper supermarkets in the local area ,there are plenty of tesco metros and icelands but no big shops.
The quality is much better than tesco as is the choice but this shop is a complete nightmare to get back from if you dont drive as instead of a local cab firm you have the black cabs out the front.
there is always massive ques in this store and god help you if you try to shop here any time in december as its just crazy busy,
plenty of local buses if you dont need a lot and is idealy located for the local cinema for when you cant or wont pay there crazy rip off prices.
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