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9 Month Wait, Completely Hopeless, Files on Floor / Tables
It was urgent for us, but not Hamiltons, we made numerous phone calls, even threats to report him to the Law Society, all went unanwered, he'd gone on a cruise, he was not in, he would ring us on his return, in the end we phoned vendors, they were puzzled as 'they were waiting for him to respond to thier letters, we sent him a copy of thier letter to us, he knew the game was up so acted. We did report him to the Law Society he blamed the vendors delay, 9 months had gone by, the deal went through, we offerred him a cheque he refused it, he righlty suspect we'd stop it in disgust, so he got paid, In his officers there was files on tables, seats, under desks, alongside the walls and two woemn who did all the work, I think it would be fair to say it was a business he'd totally lost interest in. It made me ill, but the Law Society accepted his explanation. We didn't. All we wanted was an exchange within 6 weeks, it took 9 months, and not one letter to explain, I mean the guys a Solicitor, do you think he's going to apoligise to anyone and be sued.
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