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Froggits Driving School
Banbury | Driving Schools
Fantastic. Very highly recommended
I contacted Mark Rogers of Froggits following a horrendous experience with another driving school, namely Oxford LDA. I had undertaken a 30-hour intensive course with Oxford LDA, from scratch, in an automatic vehicle, and failed my test due to a major error on the reversing around a corner manoeuvre. I'd also made 13 minor faults and was a very scrappy driver. My instructor from Oxford LDA was laughably bad (on three occasions he tried to convert me to Islam...), but he was the only person willing to pick me up from my home in Chipping Norton, so I was stuck with him.

Ahead of my re-test I decided to get the bus to Banbury and have lessons with an instructor there, rather than start/end in Chipping Norton, which is 14 miles from the Banbury test centre. From the very first moment I spoke with Mark I had a good feeling: he has a friendly, humble and likeable manner, but he is firm enough to press you to learn quickly. He struck the perfect balance between pointing out my (many) mistakes and boosting my confidence.

I'd already booked my re-test before I had a 2-hour lesson with Mark. I then had four hours of further lessons and passed with ease (just 3 minor faults). The improvement was extraordinary in such a short space of time.

I found it difficult to locate a good, trustworthy and likeable instructor - Mark encompasses all these qualities. I really wish I'd learnt with him from the start.

Of course, an instructor's job is primarily to help you pass your test with their knowledge and tuition, but it's essential that you like the person too, as you do spend a lot of time with them. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark Rogers and Froggits Driving School.
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The Laundry Company
Chipping Norton | Laundries
Unbelievable service!
I was truly shocked by the service I received here: it was extraordinary: they allowed me to collect my laundry and pay online when I got home. They had taken no security deposit from me, so I could easily have disappeared without paying.

Very few businesses operate in this trusting manner these days and I was very pleasantly surprised.

The prices are very reasonable, especially the express service: they managed to launder my stuff within 24 hours.

Highly recommended.
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