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Simon Kenna
I have known Simon Kenna for over 25 years, both professionally and as a close friend. He is a remarkable person and exceptionally talented in what he does. His approach to sales coaching and mentoring is original, imaginative and always targeted very precisely at identifying and developing the strengths of each individual under his supervision. This inevitably leads to trust, an increase in confidence and hence to results which the trainee probably never thought themselves capable of. In addition, Simon has a pleasingly light touch and is very entertaining, which further encourages a positive attitude and outcome to the task in hand.

Another of Simon's skills lies in the area of recruitment. In an interview situation, he has an unusual talent for detecting a potential aptitude for sales, even if the candidate has had no previous experience of such work. Consequently he has enjoyed notable success in assembling and overseeing numerous telesales teams, inspiring loyalty, motivation and optimum results from those he has hired.

To summarise, I think few people could fail to benefit from Simon's vast experience and natural ability in his field of expertise. I would certainly heartily recommend him in this context.
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