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They know who I am 3
..3) I told them 3 times not to touch my water jets solution as I’ve already filled it up as I take very good care of my car...again they didn’t listen emptied the stuff that was mine and put this smelly disgusting gone off egg smell that stank the inside of my car ...showed him he smelt it and said oh yeah! The guy who actually did the service was arguing with me (I’m a female all alone and I had 2 guys arguing with me) that he didn’t touch it and when I said look, you have cause I dont fill it up to the top like you have just done and he said well I just topped it up!!’ yeah he just admitted he done it and yes I got billed for it!! ...and he wasn’t having any of it the egg smell was my cars fault even though when I put solution in it never smells like that I argued with this guy for like 30 mins but now I know why cause whilst he was busy arguing with me his work colleagues took my screen water reservoir and emptied and now my water jets on the bonnet (that are brand new only..
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