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The Ginger Italian
Carshalton | Italian Restaurants
Seasoning flavour were below mark
You know......again with this London restaurants that claim authenticity but don't
go the mile to import the fresh ingedients from italy and employ italian trained chefs.

It's again another restaurant using Italy in it's name and serve up imitations surpassed even by supermarket micowave dinners.

Italy should realy charge restaurants overseas for using their name and legendary foods ,
to really limit and differentiate brass from gold. Japan understood this with Kobi beef, 98%
of americans are eating fakes, only a handfull of restaurants there officially are delivered kobi beef.

Fake news, fake food, fake medicine ?
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Sutton Motorcycle Training
Sutton | Motorcycle Training and Testing
2 hours trying to reach them
A terrible experience. Found my date got booked wrong after I spent over 2 hours trying to reach them when I finally got through to find out they booked my CBT on a different day; so I rearranged for another week.

Clutch lever needed changing out and delayed my training and the radio crackled so much it became quite painful an hour on. Don't know why during business hours they are so hard to reach.
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