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Dash Cars Ltd
Loughborough | MOT Testing
Don`t buy a car from this place.
Only given one star because I can`t give a zero. Bought a Mini from them in March, probably the worst car I have ever bought, it shouldn`t have been on their forecourt. It has been nothing but trouble and is in my local garage again at the moment having another problem sorted out. It has botched wiring, broken pipes and doesn`t run properly at all, this is all after Dash cars had told me they thoroughly inspect all their cars before they put them on the forecourt! I initially asked for my money back, that was a no-no, all I got was a load of soft soap about how they would help me out and make anything wrong ok. This is all very well, but they are in Loughborough and I am in Lincoln, the car wouldn`t even get that far! There is a lot more I could say about them, but basically wouldn`t go near them again, dreadful experience.
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