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Unprofessional, rip-off and rude
Andy 1st driving school seemed like a decent company. Having sent my daughter for lessons with them i could be more wrong. The instructor said he only operated 2 hour lessons as this was quicker. At first i thought great. When after a few lessons i asked my daughter how is was going she mentioned that the instructors drives to a location for her to begin driving. Then drives her home. I basically paying an advanced taxi fare for his time. For her 2 hour lesson I’m lucky if she close to 1 hour driving. on top of that he pauses her lessons to fill up on petrol and she doesn't get the time back and some occasions asked her to avoid revving the engine too much as he didn't have much petrol in the car! He couldn't organise a drinking party in a brewery often late, late notifications of lessons. Often unprofessional in the way he spoke to her as a new driver. Then when i complained they said she was rude!!! Avoid at all costs.
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