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An inspiring, progressive teacher.
Lee is my third guitar tutor. My first emigrated, but the second I didn't enjoy learning under, it was all about him showing how good he was, and me struggling to follow whilst he whizzed through material beyond my skills.

With Lee I find that he breaks the tuition down into bite-sized chunks, simple enough for me to pick up new techniques, but very adept at moving me on as soon as he spots that I have got something. With my previous tutor the lessons became a bit of a chore, and dare I say it, a waste of money. With Lee I look forward to his lessons and, most-importantly, am sufficiently self-motivated to practice more on my own between lessons because I look forward to the next one. This, as any good guitarist will tell you, is key to progression.

I would happily recommend Lee as a tutor, he's a friendly guy and really does bring out the best in people wanting to learn.
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