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Aroma Restaurant
London | Chinese Restaurants
It was my favourite restaurant! but not now!

All my birthdays I loved to go to this restaurant, until last time we were there I felt really uncomfortable.

First the manager fighting over a woman in a group of friends, then along came a group of Asian people who they treated like kings and queens, (a big group) and I was too noisy.
Apart from that we went with our baby, and at that time she was just 4 months old and she does not eat solids yet, we were asked if she is paying for food!!!!!!! Can’t they see is a little baby???

When we sat down and the baby was awake she was watching us eat and of course I had to give her little pieces of rice and other flavours so she does not cry, the waiters kept looking and I felt like, they were looking at me as I was giving the baby a little taste of the food and I did not pay for her!

It was a very uncomfortable situation they should NEVER ask if the baby of 4 months a paying!!!! I will never ever go back ….I prefer to cook at home.
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Rude people woring there and they don's care about animals just money!
We have taken our cat to be sprayed and we were told it was £30 they did not told us about extra hidden cost. At the end we have to pay nearly £140!! Every time I go there, they made me feel very uncomfortable so I told my husband to go. We had seen a street cat that was very old, but she never came close to us or got inside our home. We gave her food so she eats. One day she came to my home and that was strange, but I noticed she was unwell and having breathing difficulties. I went to the Vet as stated in the RSPCA website and took the cat; they refused to see her, and told me I had to pay for the consultation. I asked the woman if she was sure because in the RSPCA website it was very clear written that if anyone saw a sick or ill strayed cat, to call them or take the animal to a local vet, the woman replied “No you have to pay first”. Without money I had to go back home and call the RSPCS who came to pick up the cat. They were very upset that the vet DID NOT WANT TO TREAT THE CAT!

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