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I’ve been seeing the lovely Alex for just 3 weeks with a neck/shoulder pain issue I’ve had for many years. I was previously told by a physio that it was genetics and there were things we could do to mitigate the pain but it would always be there. Since seeing Alex (& Dean once) I not only am virtually pain free but I can visibly see the improvement. I never thought that would be possible and can’t thank him enough. He’s also the 1st person to explain what the issue was and will show me how I can strengthen the right muscles to keep the issue from reoccurring which gives me hope that the future will remain pain free. I also have a labral hip tear that’s been ruling my life for the last 15 months. After telling Alex about it he recommended I see the specialist physio, Jon, who gave me a steroid injection into my hip. Whilst it’s not cured it, the pain is so vastly reduced. I got the appointment within days and it cost a fraction of the price I expected. Can’t recommend these guys enough!
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