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Removal of large "palm" type tree in front garden
In my front garden the previous owners had planted what looked like a small shrub. It actually grew into a palm tree. We chopped it down and poisoned it ourselves when it was smaller, but it grew back with vengeance whilst the property was tenanted. Aaron identified the type of plant it was and came up with the best solution for tackling it. Aaron and George chopped down the tree and removed the entire plant/root so it could no longer propagate and grow back. Aaron and George worked very hard all day, and did a neat and tidy job. All waste materials were removed, and the area was kept clean and tidied up afterwards. The neighbours had no idea when they returned home from work that my front garden had been excavated that day - all they saw was that the palm tree had been neatly removed. Very efficient service throughout. Quotes, invoicing and payments all carried out very professionally. I can thoroughly recommend.
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