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Used to be great but new people are awful... avoid!!
The previous people used to do a great job but this new lot are dreadful. Went in for a wash and couldn't believe how quick they finished, they used to use sponges & clothes to wash down your car, now they just spray soapy suds on it and just jet wash it off. When I left my car still had the same dried bird cr*p all over the rear and back windows that I went in there to get cleaned. I turned around and went straight back and they told me it was fresh, even though it was dried on!!
I have no problem people making mistakes but trying to treat me like an idiot and making stupid comments rather than giving you the job you paid for is awful service.
I used to go about once a month, now they will not get another penny from me and I hope others reading this will avoid them as well, they are simply not worth it, save your money and go somewhere else.
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