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Hobbs Chocolates
Plymouth | Confectionery
Very poor chocolates, expensive, centres tasted the same, went bad within a week, don't buy!
I recently bought a box of Hobbs chocolates from the Butchers Hall in Tavistock market just outside of Plymouth. They looked colourful and very appetizing and the gent seemed very nice. They were a couple of pound more expensive than I would have expected to pay for handmade chocolates but I thought I would treat myself. He told me they would last a couple of weeks, so I ate some on Father's Day and to be honest I couldn't tell the difference between a few of the flavours, which was disappointing. I saved the rest until yesterday (1 week later) to share with my family. The cream centres had gone off, they smelled terrible and I have just put them in the bin. I have been buying nice chocolates for many years and none of them have ever gone off. What made them appear even worse was my daughter knows how much I love quality chocolates and she had bought me a box from Chococo in Exeter which meant I could compare them, they were cheaper, shinier and tasted amazing.
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Exeter | Confectionery
Amazing chocolates
I was lucky enough to receive a box of your 25 chocolates recently on the same day I had just purchased some from a local chocolatier called Hobbs Chocolates in the Tavistock Butchers market near Plymouth. I was able to compare them, something I have never done before but there really was no comparison. Both were visually lovely but it ends there. Yours tasted incredible, the flavours were clear, the shell was really shiny and made a snapping sound when I bit into them. Yours were also several pounds cheaper for the same size box. I wasn't surprised at all when I came on to write a review to see that you had almost 5k fantastic reviews. Amazing chocolates, loved every single one.
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