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I have wanted to build an ecommerce website for some time whereby people in the UK could sell anything without a listing fee & only be billed a small % fee if successful. I have used around 4-6 weeks looking at the many sites where you can build your own site & many where expert web designers will build one for you. I have had quotes of between £200 & £15,000. Thats was confusing in itself as having a little knowledge I was completely baffled. Blue Castle Web Design with John Fisher at the helm gave me a laymans breakdown of what was needed. Over a week of constant communication John layed out a plan (which was adjusted & refined) that I was completly happy with. I am now in the final decision phase. John isn`t pushy & gives a fine customer experience for what I consider is a very low fee. He bends over backwards so you have a full picture of what is going to happen. I can definately recommend his services as you feel he wants to do the best for each client.
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