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Leo Bonomo
March | Psychics and Clairvoyants
Very impressed
I was very new to this, not to say sceptical but came in with an open mind. Immediately Leo said he had been contacted by a spirit of someone who appeared to be a family member. He described him, but I didn't recognise the description. However, Leo said he was probably from the 1960s and subsequently mentioned Yorkshire (where all my relatives come from). I should add that Leo only knew my name and phone number, and so had no way of doing research on me.
Leo told me my issues were life change, in particular job and partner, which was correct. He gave me very pertinent advice, and it was sufficiently focused on my situation that I did not think it was ambiguous or could apply to "anyone". There were some things that I didn't quite understand or feel applied to me directly, but in 30 minutes of full-on information, I don't expect everything to be crystal clear.
I left with a firm sense of direction. Leo was very, very good.
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