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Made a really good quality job. Thanks Vlad.
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Aroma Cleaning UK Ltd
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A poor Aroma
I hired Aroma to clean my small two bed terrace having had some minor building works carried out. I paid for 8 hours cleaning and an oven clean which was extra for a total cost of nearly £200.
I don't care how dirty a place may be, after you have paid nearly £200 for 8 hours of cleaning you expect simple things like cobwebs to be dusted, floor baskets moved when hoovering, bits of plaster removed from the floor. 8 hours is a lot of cleaning time, these guys rolled up at 7pm at night, luckily the tenant was away that night. I had to employ another cleaning company to go in and do the job properly, they told me the place was a disgrace and didn't believe it had been cleaned at all.
15 Dec 2015
Who did you hire to clean it properly?
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