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Got me to Engineering at the University of Manchester!
I had private tuition for two years while doing A-Level Maths and Further Maths at a nearby school, and struggling!
She identified the types of problems I was having, (which wasn’t just what I got wrong but how long it was taking me and what I was struggling with) and showed me techniques to improve my thinking as well as my grades.
Overall I cannot fault her teaching, as she boosted my Cs and Ds at the start of the Christmas holidays to an A* prediction when it came to my application, which was enough to get me four offers from the Unis of Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Leeds!
I’d recommend the one to one style of any private tuition over a normal classroom set up, especially with the generally online set up of classes these days, but with a tutor like Mrs O’Brien she helped me feel settled before going into my exams and nothing can beat that in my opinion!
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