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Thank you ,you have changed my life.
I went to see Steve last August i was very low and suicidal over the brake up of my marriage,Steve touched my hands for couple of seconds and told me everything about me and what i had gone through .He is a really nice person and i felt i had known him all my life ,he was very accurate and precise,he told me i was going to meet a new love and his name ,completely right on all counts i am so pleased i have seen him,i also asked him if he could talk to my mum who passed away 2 months ago ,he did and i was a bit astonished, but very happy speaking to her again .Steve at the end of my reading asked me if i would like some lucky numbers and he did,thank you ,you have done so much for me,and now i have love and money and a good life to lead and Steve you are right i am moving to Italy,i would recommend you %100
06 May 2017
07 May 2017
Did you belive in anything to start with?
08 May 2017
I was not being rude just spooked me lol
13 May 2017
Not sure about anything, looks like all reviews are written by 1 person
13 May 2017
Not sure if anything is real, looks like all reviews are written by one person.
14 May 2017
I have seen this comment by Gab1, I am concerned about this comment regarding Steve. I wrote this review and not anybody else. I know Steve spends most of his time in the woods seeing people and is not very good with computers but I am. As legal secretary, these comments are bordering being liable and I am due to see Steve this Friday 19/05/2017, and I will discuss this with him as I know he doesn't read his reviews.He is such a nice person and doesn't deserve this type of criticism so I will ask him if he wants to make an official complaint. All devices used to make the comments and reviews can be tracked. Niomi C
15 May 2017
Please feel free, would be good to see the outcome.
17 May 2017
Steve is a very kind person no one has a right to say nasty comments about him.he helps anyone.
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