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Grey Street Hotel
Newcastle Upon Tyne | Hotels
Gem of a hotel
This is the second time we have stayed here and it is a great find right in the heart of the city. Rooms very comfortable and stylish. The only problem is no parking at the hotel, but there is a good reasonably priced multi-storey car park nearby. The only problem we had was a broken DVD player in the room, but this was replaced.
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Ploughman's Disaster
Not knowing what a Ploughman's Lunch is is perhaps excusable for an inexperienced waitress, but not knowing that it features on the menu is hard to believe. Even worse, for the chef to serve up something without either cheese or bread, despite being specifically listed on the menu, is totally inexcusable. Furthermore, to then be offered supermarket sliced white bread and an equally poor cheese, is an insult, all in return for an offer of 10% reduction. The so-called cheeseburger from the specials board was no better, although it did at least include all items listed on the menu i.e. cheese + burger + chips. All this plus poor/insolent service and a totally inadequate response to a reasonable complaint all add up to something off the bottom of the scale as far as ratings are concerned. The ready acceptance of a £10 settlement fee perhaps says it all. Has anyone seen strawberries on a bed of coleslaw and tomatoes as part of a Ploughman's Lunch before?
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