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My experience of Bury Remedial Clinic and why I recommend it by Nige
I started at the gym at the age of 62 thinking I could rapidly make progress lifting weights and going heavier by the day almost! After about a month, I developed a pain in my left elbow that wouldn't go away and started to hamper my training quite seriously. At the time it was one of those moments where I could have given it all up as a bad job. However, determination set in and I contacted the clinic for help. They saw me pretty much straight away and set about a course of treatment to improve my condition (diagnosed as Tennis Elbow). Well, it didn't happen overnight but over several sessions, things started to improve and now, a year later, I am pain free, bench pressing, deadlifting, doing loads of pull up, dips, bicep curls etc etc and getting stronger. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone with a physical issue affecting their mobility. I'm still going to the clinic for top up full body sessions and this keeps all the wear and tear I now put my body through at bay!!!
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