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Awful service and customer care.
We took our 2 Golden Retrievers here before Christmas to be washed and groomed. When they came back we were horrified, in all the years our dogs had been to various grooming parlours they had never returned looking as terrible as they did from this place. Their fur had been shorn down to the skin with bald patches and tufts of fur sticking out, they looked like badly shorn sheep. We have owned and bred Retrievers for many years and have a lot of friends involved with dogs and they were disgusted with the poor state that our dogs returned in. We even showed them to another groomer that we usually use (she couldn't do them at the time as she was ill) and she was shocked at their condition. We complained to the owner and she said that she would conduct an investigation into what had happened and she came back to us stating that they never left the salon like that and basically said that we must have done this ourselves. Absolutely disgusting response from a very incompetent business.
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