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Unhappy with the lack of clear info
I booked a consultation Jan 2nd at the Bodyline Clinic Stockport, specifically interested in taking the Phentermine Pill for weight loss. The first nurse, who was lovely, advised me that I couldn’t take Phentermine as it would interact badly with the escitalopram I was taking. She explained that I would need to change over to fluoxetine which doesn’t badly interact with the Phentermine Pill.

I changed my medication through my drs, and attended a 2nd appointment at the Bodyline Clinic Stockport 1.5 months later. This time I was seen by a much more abrupt nurse, who had me in and out of her office in less than 30 seconds with a short “no you’re not suitable if you’re on any antidepressants”. Which is fine if I’m not, they’re the experts after all, but I wasn’t given the chance to discuss or clarify what was discussed with the previous nurse, and so I’m now just confused.
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