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Make sure you see everything you're buying before giving them cash
Whilst they seem like nice enough people, they led me on for weeks and lied to me. I bought a car in November, that they didn't declare had flaking paintwork on bumpers until after I'd paid and they'd already missed delivery twice.
I bought online (pandemic driven!), they were supposed to deliver on a Saturday morning, then Sunday, then it ended up being a Wednesday as the car wasn't MOT'd then failed MOT, then needed some work on a sensor (which is still dodgy).
I asked, before I paid, if the car had a parcel shelf in the boot, as it was an estate, and I needed to have things covered and not on display in the boot of the car. He said that he would get one if it sealed the deal/sale. I chased this weekly for almost 2 months after buying the car, and it will cost me about £100 to get one myself, but they just kept fobbing me off and promising to call me back. You never get over that feeling you've been lied to and ripped off. He'd said it was ordered and paid for three times!
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