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This business is no longer on Yell
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This company has now filed for voluntary insolvency. If you would like more info please contact Wilson Field Individual Debt Solutions. They will give you the information required.
IE are offering everyone they have ripped off 6pence in every £1 they took, this gets paid back to us over a 5 year period - totally unacceptable!
If we don't agree then the company will be forced to close, personally that will give me closure on the whole thing!
The documentation includes hundreds of names and addresses of all the people they have ripped off (some people lost over £10,000) totalling £750,000! They now say they only have assets worth £10,000 or something daft so this is all they can afford to pay. I'd like to know where the rest of the money went! Bailiffs have been sent to the property but apparently this is now empty and the directors have fled back to Pakistan.
There's also a Facebook page being set up for people who have been ripped off so keep a look out for that.
My story was I was ripped off for £475 a year of so ago for a gearbox that never arrived.
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