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Pavilion Rouge Sandwich Bar
Hounslow | Sandwich Shops
Used to go to this place literally every Friday. Every week without fail there was a problem. We always let it slide and gave them benefit of the doubt each time. The last time I went was about a month ago with two of my friends. That was the last straw... ridiculous small portion of houmous (when we raised the issue to staff we were just told this is how it is) and then overcharged at the end of our meal too. We explained to the guy we come every week we get the same food every week our bill is the same every week but he just didn't want to listen. He was just adamment on taking £2.40 from each of us for a dab of gravy sauce on the chips. WOW !!! He became rude and started telling lies too.
Mate.. you have just lost an income of over £1800 every month because you wanted to cheat us out of a mere £7.50 in total. You are for sure a foolish foolish man.
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