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Treetop Gardening & Fencing
Swansea | Garden Services
Excellent work
Put up a small fence for me in the back garden, very pleased with the work.
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Hutchinson Phillips Electrical Ltd
Swansea | Electricians
Excellent Service
Very friendly and professional, top quality work and reasonable prices.

Highly recommended.
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The Mobile Phone Doctor
Swansea | Mobile Phone Repairs
Poor Service
OK so my iPhone 5 screen was smashed, I went to the phone doctor and dropped my phone off in morning and afternoon had phone call saying ready to be picked up so I was very happy.

I got there and phone LCD was flickering, I said thats not meant to happen, the guy said no its not, give me an hour and I'll get it sorted this happens from time to time. I came back in an hour it wasn't ready, he said it will be 20 minutes, came back still not ready, he said it was on its way so I stood by the shop for a further 20 minutes. I was late to pick my daughter up from school but it finally turned up. After getting home it started flickering again, tapping the phone with finger and if phone was on vibrate and someone called it sounded loose, also loud speaker wasn't as good.

Anyway it was useable and after the hassle I had decided not to go back down there just stick with it. After a month the glass just cracked, under no real pressure.

I am not one to moan normally or leave negative feedback on ebay or anywhere in general, so I went back to the shop and explained situation but would not rectify the situation and fix my phone, so now I am £80 or down or whatever I paid and have a cracked screen so I am not happy.

Maybe I was was unlucky and they are a good company but from my experience I would not recommend anyone having phone repairs from here.
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