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Shocking aftercare!
I had these guys out tail end of last year for a new roof and gutters. After inspection of the gutters I was told these were in excellent condition and it would be silly to replace them so we agreed to keep the original gutters on. Having had the roof done I have had constant problems with the gutters leaking. He has been asked several times to come out and fix them and he's always said he will and has never been and fixed them. There was nothing wrong with the gutters before he done my new roof, he was the one who said they were in great condition. The roof itself is fine and I have no complaints but their aftercare is beyond diabolical. I've put reviews up on here before and he's asked me to remove them in the promise he will fix the problem. This has been going on for months. He promised to come out last week and fix them and again no sign of him. The roofing job you cannot fault but absolutely cannot rely on this man to fix the problems he created!
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