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AVOID THIS COMPANY!!! I used this company for an install of an integrated washer dryer. It transpired that on install, the engineer failed to remove one of the safety bolts (the first thing the manual tells you to do). I let the machine run and it started shaking about so much it broke the skirting board underneath. When I called the engineer, he did not know why it was doing this and I got told to call in the morning and he would tell me if and when he could come back. Having researched the issue online, it sounded like he left a bold in. When we took the washing machine out, it transpired he left a bolt in. He also did not level the machine - it was wobbling from side to side. Surely these are the basic things to check when installing a machine. In the end, when i asked to get my install money back as I had to do it, I got told it was my fault and I should not have taken the machine out.

Shockingly back service, poor customer service trying to resolve the matter.
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