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Very bad do not use unless you want to be sold wrong items and refused refund!!!!!
Very bad, do not use this place. Twice the man has sold me the wrong items, first time it was a fitting for a back door handle, set me back about £5, he sold me wrong item when I told him specifically what the builder had told me to get... I thought this was a one off mistake so I chanced it again today to buy more items from him, shouldn't have bothered! I had the builder on the phone at the time telling him what I needed, 2 guttering pieces, 1 corner piece and 1 downpipe piece... Set me back £12, got home and they are not standard fittings, too big! Rang the shop to explain that I'd been in a few hours ago and the pieces he sold me don't fit, he said he won't give me money back only credit note, I told him I don't need to buy anything else so don't need a credit note but he insisted that's all I'm getting, I told him I have only been in a few hours ago and not used the pieces but he didn't care and hung up. DO NOT use this shop, he has no understanding of what he's selling! POOR!!
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