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Wont be going back
After my brief visit there today, my review will be based on not just my visit, but after explaining to both my brother and my father, who both had a very similar experience, theres too.
The bloke behind the till was not helpful at all, and must have just decided to make this experience as complicated and awkward as he possibly could. Explained that i wasnt sure on the size of the thread on the adapter i was looking for, but explained everything else as simple as i could. I wanted a fitting for an air compressor to attatch a 8mm flexi hose, to then connect to a multiple outlet manifold, so i asked just that.
After getting nowhere with his narky attitude, and me telling him how unhelpful he was being, i'd had enough of his attitude in les than 2 minutes of being in the store and walked out.
Was shocked after telling my family and describing the man to them, that they had a similar experience with him prior.
16 Jun 2016
Thank you for the info I'll make shore to avoid this service & do the welding my self
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