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Great Reflexologist
I have been seeing Gemma for over a year now and can truly say I look forward to each upcoming treatment.
At the first session Gemma identified many of my ailments and conditions i had before i told her! After the session I felt completely relaxed and at ease, leading quite a hectic lifestyle I find it difficult to do this on my own. I was tense in between my shoulders, my neck, I had a numbing feeling down my arm and even needed the loo at the time and she picked up on all of it from just massaging my feet. I was hooked and have been seeing her every 2-3 weeks since! If it was possible to see her more often I would. Gemma has helped me through difficult times and has recently been very supportive and encouraging on my commitment to giving up alcohol, caffeine and generally just becoming a healthier person. i have learned a lot from Gemma over the past year and she has become a very good friend (without the headache friends can sometimes be) and most importantly, I feel great after seeing her.
I have found through the sessions I have obtained a general healing, support, encouragement and listening and best of all relaxation.
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